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Susie Plimpton Wallo and Jen O'Hanlon, O'Hanlon Group Rental Managers

Susie Wallo and Jen O'Hanlon bring a wealth of experience to the short-term rental market on Martha's Vineyard, boasting over 50 years of combined expertise in facilitating connections between tenants and landlords. Specializing in vacation rentals across all towns on the island, they are dedicated to guiding homeowners through the rental process and matching renters with their ideal properties. Additionally, Susie and Jen provide invaluable support and mentorship to the O'Hanlon Group's team of rental agents, ensuring excellence and professionalism in every transaction.

Jen, the visionary behind The O'Hanlon Group, has revolutionized the real estate landscape on Martha's Vineyard, marrying unparalleled personal service with cutting-edge technology. With over 27 years of dedicated service in both vacation rentals and sales, Jen's comprehensive understanding of the rental process and keen investment insights have positioned her as a trusted advisor to her clients, guiding them seamlessly from rental experiences to property purchases.

As the owner, Jen's leadership extends beyond client interactions; she is deeply committed to mentoring her team of agents, fostering their growth in both sales and rentals.

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Susie distinguishes herself in the real estate sector with a "serve, don't sell" philosophy, offering 27 years of experience with a special emphasis on rental transactions. Her expertise not only covers finding the perfect vacation homes but also extends to facilitating investment property acquisitions, ensuring clients receive exceptional service and satisfaction.

In addition to her professional prowess, Susie is deeply involved in her community, leading initiatives like the Red Stocking Fund and contributing to various local organizations. Partnering with Susie means engaging with a seasoned expert who combines industry knowledge with a passion for community service on Martha's Vineyard.

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